Morning light by Birgit Pittelkow


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Full Moon in snowy landscape! by George Papapostolou


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Anaranjada by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz


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Green world by Motiur Rahman


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Dawn Patrol by Miles Morgan


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Alone by Cherly Jong


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The ghost ship of Mani by Konstantinos Vasilakis


The beached ship “Dimitrios” at the coast of southern Peloponnese in Greece. resting there for years on end in a constant battle with the elements. Sunrise shot a cold Christmas dawn of 2009

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my spiral way by bayu sanjaya


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The Pitt by Andrew Cooney


A young bodyboarder pulls into a hollow froth barrel on a late afternoon at Terrigal Beach. For a split second he takes in the beauty of the wave and then wipes out moments later.
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“Remember to Always Be Yourself. Unless You Suck.

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